‘Hear The Unborn Speak’ by Daniel Holmes is written from the perspective of the unborn child, who has nobody to speak for them.

Dear Mammy will you keep me safe?

Please Mammy keep me warm.

I’m growing here beneath your heart;

Protect me from the storm.

I hear your heart. Do you hear mine?

My birthday gift will be

Two bright-blue eyes that shine with joy

On worlds I long to see.

I’m looking forward now to life,

Sea-shells, and ships with sails.

I’ll feel the sun, I’ll count the stars,

You’ll tell me fairy tales.

Already I’ve got arms and legs.

Look close! You’ll see my nose.

And on the things that you call legs,

Are things I’ll call my toes.

Dear Mammy you’re not listening!

Please! Can’t you hear? It’s me!

And Mammy you’re not smiling now.

What can this “CLINIC” be?

They’ve given you a bed with wheels,

Those people dressed in green.

Don’t let them hurt you Mammy dear.

Just let them try – I’ll scream!

Dear Mammy, what is happening?

I’m paralysed with fear.

Quick! Rise and run -I’m just begun,

Please save “us” Mammy dear.

They’re killing me dear Mammy.

They’ve pulled my limbs apart,

Dismembering my arms and legs.

They’ve stilled my beating heart.

And though I’ll never see the sky

With eyes of shining blue,

I know that you’d have loved me dear–

And I’d have loved you too.

By Daniel Holmes.

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