Today I have completed forty five years of practice as an Advocate. I Express my heartfelt gratitude and Thanks to Almighty God for the mercy and gratitude showed to me all these years. I remember my parents, brothers and sisters who moulded me to be a good Advocate. I am thankful to my husband and children who whole heartedly supported me. I am thankful to my elder brother K.c.kidangoor who encouraged and supported me. I remember my teachers from my school days to college. From childhood onwards my elder brother and elder sister played their role in my life.

It is my bother who trained me to participate in competitions in my school days. I am also thankful to my teachers especially sr.infanttreesa, sr.Digna,of Holy Family High school Angamaly, professor A.k.balakrishna pilla,prof.sivarama pilla,and pro.lakshmi Nadarajan.irember all my friends in school and college. I start my practice at Aluva Bar,as a criminal lawyer. After one year I have started an independent office. I am so proud to say I’m fully satisfied with my profession I had gone to several courts in the state. my experience as a student leader, politician, and social worker, and the active participation in the activities of the catholic community and church helped me so much to be a good Advocate. I am also thankful to all my clients who believed me and entrusted me their cases with full confidence in my knowledge and understanding and ability. It is God almighty who gave me the strength and courage to stand for the people who entrusted me. It is not my ability but it gift from God. I am always thankful for the mercy of God. I have to say one thing to my friends of this profession, this is a noble profession, that always to be in the mind of everyone. Not only men women are also able in this profession. Fight for the right. stand for the truth.God allows me to continue,

I Will be among you as a friend, sister, mother who is one amongst you. Thanks all.

Anjaly Sirus

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