The following is an incident that occurred one Christmas, concerning the great Saint Jerome. He was the man who translated the Holy Bible from it’s original languages into the universal Latin. This holy man, who had a great love for God, actually died, in 420, in the blessed town where his God had been born – Bethlehem.

As he was on this day meditating about the first Christmas, Saint Jerome received a glorious apparition of the Divine Infant.

“Jerome,” Jesus asked him, “what are you going to give Me for My Birthday?”

“Divine Infant,” Jerome replied, “I give You my heart.”

“That is very good,” said the Holy Child, “but give Me something else.”

Jerome answered, “I give You my prayers and all my heart’s affections.”

“That also is good, but give Me something else.” His Sacred Heart was yearning for still more.

“I give You,” the Saint, wishing to leave nothing behind, offered, ” all that I have and all that I possess.”

“Very good.” The smile radiating from His Holy Face showed that He was pleased. There is, however, nothing which can compare with the Divine Love and Generosity of God. “But,” the Boy continued, “I desire that you give Me still something more.”

“But, Divine Infant,” Jerome cried, “I have nothing, what do You desire me to give You?”

“Jerome,” said Jesus eagerly, “give Me your sins!”

The Saint was shocked. “But,” he asked, “what would You do with them?”

“Give Me your sins,” Jesus explained, “in order that I may pardon them all.”

The generosity which Jerome had shown Christ on His Birthday was more than repaid by the loving rapture he experienced upon hearing those merciful words.

“O Divine Infant,” said Jerome, “You make me weep for joy!”


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