We have lost one more man of God today. Saji C. Joseph (Sajichayan) was one of the senior leaders of the movement; who started his journey with the Lord through the movement in the early eighties; a regular member of the movement who took several offices in the movement including that of animator of Kerala Jesus Youth Council : Currently he was very involved in formation, serving as the animator of the Kerala Formation Team. He was instrumental in shining the light of the Word into many hearts through the hundreds of retreats and other programs he led.

Sajichayan was one of the main persons who was instrumental in my conversion experience and introduction to Jesus Youth; I always looked upto him as an elder brother over the last 33 years.. He went through very many difficult times of suffering in his life including two major surgeries – but he faced all the pain with a beautiful smile on his face. Radiating joy with a lovely smile and walking with quick steps, reminding us that there is no time to waste in His kingdom, was his special charism. He has guided hundreds of young people in their walk with the Lord. In the low moments of my life, he always inspired me and challenged me to look to Him and go ahead with absolute trust in Him.

Dear Sajichaya, the movement is going to miss you. We will never forget your extempore songs and joyful dances. All of us will miss your lovely smile and encouraging words and comforting presence among us. However, we take heart, knowing that we now have one more fervent intercessor in Heaven.

Manoj Sunny

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