Dear Sweet Child,

I can’t wait to hold you. To kiss you. To smell you. To sit and stare at the wonder of God’s creation and love in you.

At this moment you have no idea how much you’re loved. How, EVERY OUNCE, of my being is wrapped up in yours. I cannot separate myself from you, and soon, when you depart from me through the journey of labor, I’ll still be with you.

I have the honor of knowing you first. The honor of loving you before you could love. And the honor of carrying you and birthing you through life’s beginning moments.

You have been made for more, sweet child. To not stay comfortable, but to, quite literally, enter into a new life outside the womb. New air to breath. New arms to hold you. A new life awaits you.

When you’re ready, I’ll be here to receive you. ❤️

~ A letter from a mother to her preborn child : Leah Darrow

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