The duty of the Godparents after Baptism is to
see that the child is brought up a good Catholic
if this
is not done by the parents.
In Baptism administered by an ordinary minister,
there is to be at least one Godparent male or female. It
is encouraged that there be two sponsors and these are
to be of a different sex: a godfather and a godmother. It is
not permitted to have more than two godparents. Others who
may be present are only witnesses. Godparents are to be of sixteen years of age.

Godparents have the duty of looking upon the baptized person as their spiritual
child of providing when necessary, the proper religious education and safeguarding him/her spiritually even as a grown-up (CCC 1255). If the person
chosen as godparent cannot be present at the Baptism, another can act in his/her
place. The absent godparent must have the intention of being the godparent.
Only Catholics who know their faith and live up to the duties of their religion are
to be chosen as godparents for Baptism. A godparent is supposed to be a
practicing Catholic. Non-Catholics, those married outside the Church and
excommunicated people cannot be Godparents.

Prepared by: Fr. George Panamthottam CMI (9123824741)

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