1. Failure is necessary to grow:
    Failure and success aren’t opposites; they are parts of the process.
  2. Difficult times are necessary:
    Life isn’t a linear line; it’s a wave of good and evil. Embrace the tough times because they help you grow, thrive, and teach you to be grateful.
  3. Problems aren’t always negative:
    Some storms come to clear your path. When you can’t decide where to go, a problem will arise to clear the path and guide you to your destination.
  4. Change is constant, not variable:
    You are always in a state of constant change. Wherever you try to settle in any situation, an event may arise that forces you to change. And that’s how the world works. You are in a mode of discovering and learning your new versions.
  5. Energy is finite; invest it wisely:
    Pick your battles wisely. That’s the way to survive in this world. Every action doesn’t require your reaction. Your reactions to specific actions set the tone in your life. So, choose where you want to invest your energy.
  6. Be grateful for everything:

  7. You should thrive on living a peaceful life alongside your hustle to live a great life. When you’re grateful for the small things around you, happiness will cost less. And that’s what every individual should aim for finding happiness in small things.

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