1. No one knows what they’re doing. Some do it anyway.

2. Work hard on what doesn’t feel like work.

3. Your thoughts make up your life. Literally. If you don’t enjoy thinking about it, don’t spend time pursuing it.

4. To make new friends, treat strangers like you’ve been friends forever.

5. If you want to win awards, be the best. If you want to actually win, be the only.

6. Most people don’t need advice. They need one person to believe in them.

7. Meditate to upgrade your software. Work out to upgrade your hardware.

8. When you can’t decide, the answer is obvious.

9. Pick one problem to solve this decade, and problems today get a lot easier.

10. The happiest people combine art, passion, and purpose, into one compounding vehicle.

11. Spend time with freaks. They have dashes of genius, madness, harshness and kindness. Authenticity doesn’t live in the middle.

12. The world wants to know you for one thing. Do everything you want, but own one idea.

13. To be heard, don’t follow the herd.

14. Fill your mind with inspiration from the edges. Read old books. Walk new streets. Unique ideas starts with unique input.

15. People can ‘feel the energy you put into your work.

16. When you’re good, they tell you. When you’re great, they tell others.

17. If you’re following steps, you’re falling behind.

18. The more you’re hesitating to share it, the more you desperately need to.

19. Art is a marathon of creative sprints.

20. The more you write, the more you’re right.

21. Never apologize for doing something good for you, but strange for others.

22. The future of work is not ‘play.’ It’s a relentless obsession with what sets your heart on fire. This isn’t a game. It’s war. With a beautiful, torturous craft that consumes your entire life.

23. If you’re being copied, you’re on to something.

24. Life is short. The world is small. You owe it to yourself, to bet everything on a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

25. Obsess over the details for a decade, and you will win.

26. When you’re predictably unpredictable, they pay attention.

27. Life gets easier when you fall in love with hard things.

28. Don’t ‘be’ things. Do things.

29. Working out without your phone will solve 99% of your problems.

30. If you’re not obsessed with the future you’re creating, create a new one.

31. If your problems were given to a friend, you’d know exactly what they should do.

32. When you’re stuck between two things, choose a third.

33. Happiness can be measured by how excited you are to wake up.

34. The more obsessed you are with your craft, the more relaxed you’ll be with your life.

35. If you think you need a haircut, get a haircut.

36. If you can make decisions quickly, and unemotionally, the world is yours.

37. Use technology more than it uses you.

38. If you want people to follow you, lead them somewhere.

39. Focus on art for a decade, and profit will come for a lifetime.

40. When you start enjoying pressure, you’re about to win big.

41. Most progress comes without a plan.

42. Everyone is dying to talk about *something.* Notice when their voice changes, when their eyes light up, and let them share that world with you. Make people feel seen for their obsessions.

43. Great writing isn’t read. It’s felt.

44. Use your dark side to make something bright.

45. True greatness is a rare combination of obsession, service, and patience.

46. Pain tells you exactly where to go.

47. Don’t trust an ideas you ‘think’ of. The greatest ideas come to you. And you have no other choice.

48. Life’s short. Go make stuff.

49. Put yourself in places you don’t belong. One day, you’ll end up where you want to be.

50. The number one rule: Break as many rules as possible.

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